Reserves Vote Reminder



We have received the necessary votes in order to waive reserves.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.



Questions and Answers. Methods of Payment
Q- I am currently on ACH (AUTOPAY).  What do I do?
A-Currently there is nothing for you to do.  All is exactly the same.
Q- When will my ACH (AUTOPAY) payment occur?
A- Withdrawal will occur on the 3rd day of every month.
Q- I used to drop off my check at the office for my monthly dues. What should I do?

A- Write your check for the correct amount, date it, sign it and mail it with your new coupon to The Hemispheres Condominium Association, Inc. P.O. Box 628207 Orlando, FL  32862-8207

Q- I had already sent a series of 12 checks to the office to pay my 2016 maintenance fees. What will happen?
A- All is the same until the end of the year for you. Each check will be deposited on time every single month. You only need to make new arrangements starting after that last check.
Q- May I continue to post date my checks for the year and send them to the office for next year?
A- No, we are accommodating the existing checks and will not accept them in the future.
Q- I would like to make a payment other than to pay for my monthly maintenance fees, as an example, to pay for my parking or for a maintenance invoice I received. How do I pay?
A-You may choose one of the following 2 options:
·      Write your check for the desired amount and make sure to add on your check your building and unit number (i.e. OS-12B) or your “bill pay account number” and then mail it to the address above.
·      Log onto your personal bank online payment service and make a payment, to the amount of your choice, by using your “bill pay account number”.
Q- May I write a larger check than my monthly due and mail it with my coupon?
A- No, but you may write 2 checks: one first check for the amount of your coupon and a second check for the additional amount separately, in which case, proceed as explained above.
Q- I pay for my monthly dues but my tenant pays for the parking or other expenses to the Association. What should be done?
A- No problem.
·      You make your payment for your regular maintenance fees.
·      Your tenant pays by mailing his check to the above address by writing the building and unit number on the check or pay by Bank online.
Q- Why will you not accept post dated checks other than the ones already in house?
A- The automated process is much more efficient and eliminates most errors. BB&T is the one doing all the work and at no cost to the Association.
Q- Are we really improving service and saving the owners money by doing so?
A- Yes, We will save $20,000 every year in labor and material costs.